Privacy policy

1. General
1.1 This policy of processing personal data (“Personal Data Policy”) describes how Tickets&Tours (“T&T”, “us”, “ours”, “we”) collects and process information about you.
1.2 The Personal Data Policy applies to all personal data you may give us, or we collect through the app, Holli (“the app”) or our website www.tickets-tours.com
1.3 T&T is data responsible for your personal information. All contact to Holli must go through the contact information in section 7.

2. T&T’s gathering of your personal information
2.1 Which personal information do we collect and for which purpose?
2.1.1 When you visit our website or use our app, we automatically collect information about you, e.g. which browser you use, which search words you use on the site, your IP-adresse and information about you smartphone or your computer. We collect these information to optimize and improve the website and app.
2.1.2 When you make a purchase through the app or website, we collect information about you, e.g. name, email address, phone number and information about which products you buy, so we can deliver the product to you and according to our bookkeeping obligations.
2.2 What is the reason for the gathering of information?
2.2.1 The collection of information, as mentioned in section 2.1.1, are necessary to carry our interests of improving the features on the website and in the app, and the structure of these, as well as supply you with relevant offers.
2.2.2 We only use your IP-adresse to determine your geographical position, if we have received your distinct consent for this.
2.2.3 The collection of information as mentioned in section 2.1.2 is necessary to fulfill our agreement with you.

3. Use of data processors
3.1 We make use of external companies to carry out the collection of information as mentioned in section 2.1.1. These companies are data processors following our instructions and processing data which we are data responsible for. The data processors are not to use the data for other purposes than to fulfill our agreement, and they are subject to confidentiality about these.
3.2 One of these data processors, Google Analytics v/Google Inc. is established in the United States. The necessary guarantees for transferring information to the United States have been secured through the data processors certificate under EU-U.S. Privacy Shield.

4. Your rights
4.1 To create openness about the processing of your information, we must, as data responsible, inform you about your rights.
4.2 The right to insight
4.2.1 At any time you are entitled to request, in writing, insight to which information we have registered about you, which purpose the registration serves, which categories of personal information and which receivers of the information there might be, as well as insight to where the information comes from.
4.2.2 You are entitled to have a copy of the personal information we process about you, handed out. If you wish to have a copy of your personal information, you must send a written request to info@tickets-tours.com, along with documentation to prove that you are the person in question.
4.3 The right to correction
4.3.1 You have the right to have incorrect person data about you corrected by us. If it comes to your attention that there are mistakes in the information we have registered about you, you are encouraged to make a written inquiry to us, so we can have the information corrected.
4.4 The right to be deleted
4.4.1 In certain situations you have the right to have all or some of your personal information deleted by us. To the extent that your data is necessary for us, e.g. in order to comply with our accounting obligations, we are not required to delete your personal information.
4.5 The right to restrict the processing for storage
4.5.1 In certain circumstances you have the right to have the processing of your personal data to only consist of storage, e.g. if you believe that the information we have about you are incorrect.
4.6 The right of data portability
4.6.1 You have the right the have your information handed out in a structured, commonly used and readable format and you have the right to transfer these informations to another data responsible when we gather your information regarding:
Purchase of a product with us, cf. section 2.1.2
That you give consent to letting us use your IP-adresse to determine your geographical position, cf. section 2.1.1 and 2.2.2.
4.7 The right to object
4.7.1 At any time you have the right to make an objection to our processing of your personal information, which we collect to improve features on the website or in the app, and the information of this, cf. section 2.1.1.
4.7.2 If you make an objection against the processing, we are no longer obligated to process you personal information unless we can demonstrate legal reasons to continuous processing.
4.8 The right to recall consent
4.8.1 At any time you have the right to recall the consent you have given us to use your IP-adresse to determine your geographical position, cf. section 2.2.2.
4.8.2 If you wish to recall your consent, please contact us by info@tickets-tours.com
4.9 The right to complain
4.9.1 At any time you have the right to file a complaint to the Data Protection Agency of your country, about our processing of your personal information.

5. Deletion of personal data
5.1 We save some of your personal data for longer periods to comply with legal requirements, including accounting legislation and consumer law.

6. Security
6.1 We have completed the appropriate technical and organizational security precautions to ensure that personal information do not accidentally or illegally get destroyed, lost, changed or impaired, as well as making sure that the information do not come in the hands of unauthorized persons or gets misused.
6.2 Only employees who have a real need to have access to your personal information to do their job, have access to these.

7. Contact information
7.1 Tickets & Tours (& Holli app) is data responsible for the personal data collected through the website or the app.
7.2 If you have questions or remarks for the Personal Data Policy, please contact:


Address: Noordelijke Parallelweg, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Phone Number: 0039 348 651 0249

E-mail: info@tickets-tours.com

8. Changes in the Personal Data Policy
8.1 We are entitled to make changes in this Personal Data Policy at any time. If we make changes in the Personal Data Policy, you will be notified about this with your next visit on the website or in the app.
8.2 If you do not accept the changed policy, you cannot continue the use of the website or app, and your personal information may be deleted.

9. Versions
9.1 This is version 1 of Holli’s Personal Data Policy, dated 12.03.2018